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604 Brick Library Terms & Conditions

Caring is Sharing

You're not just borrowing LEGO® sets – you're taking part in a heartwarming exchange of creativity. Build, play, and repeat your set with enthusiasm, and remember, someone else is excitedly waiting to dive into the same adventure. So, treat each set like it's your very own masterpiece.


When the time comes to part with your LEGO® set, follow these steps:

- Double-check that all the pieces are there.

- Gently disassemble the set by following the instructions backwards, placing all the pieces in a bag. When the instructions say bag #, Stop! Seal it up and begin a new bag. Repeat this process until the set has been disassembled. Place all minifigures in their own bag. When finished, place the instructions in their own bag.

- Large Parts? No worries! They can go right into the Brick Library box.

- Place all Parts, Minifigures, and Instructions back in the Brick Library Box.

- Embrace sustainability and reuse

the box it came in. It's a small step for you, a giant leap for our planet!

- Contact us at to arrange for an exchange.

- Let the LEGO® adventures continue!


Delivery Delight

We currently ONLY serve all of Vancouver, Richmond, Delta, Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam, Langley, Abbotsford, and surrounding areas. If you live outside this area, please inquire.

Cheers to Returns

Inside your Brick Library box, you'll discover all you need to know about returning your set. Choose the option that is most convenient for you to keep the LEGO® magic flowing.


Adventure-Proof Address

When subscribing, make sure to double-check your address for a flawless LEGO® journey. Accidental mishaps can lead to lost or damaged sets, and we'd hate for that to happen. If there's an address hiccup at subscription time, charges may apply. We're all in this for amazing adventures, not lost LEGO®!


Unlimited Joy, Your Way

If a month isn't enough for you to savor the magic, no worries! Keep the sets as long as your heart desires. Just remember, your subscription keeps the LEGO® love alive. The number of sets you can explore depends on your chosen subscription package – so keep building those dreams!


Farewell with a Smile

While we'll miss you, you're free to cancel your Brick Library subscription. Simply wait until your Brick Library LEGO® set(s) return home to us and pass our loving inspection. If you decide to cancel, no hard feelings – but if sets go missing in action, we might need to take action too. We're here to keep the LEGO® love alive and thriving!


Treasured Beginnings

If you're a new member of the Brick Library family, get ready for an exciting apprenticeship! During your first three months, embrace the thrill of borrowing exceptional LEGO® 'Treasure' sets. Your enthusiasm and care will unlock a world of ‘Treasure’ sets, as we build trust together. Let's combat the "missing set" mystery, shall we?


Gift the LEGO® Love

Our Brick Library e-gift cards are the perfect way to share the LEGO® joy. They're redeemable for monthly subscriptions, so your friends and loved ones can dive into a world of endless creative possibilities. Please note, e-gift cards can't be used for shipping costs, but they guarantee a bonding adventure year-round!


Privacy: Our Promise

Your privacy is our priority. We treasure your personal information and never share it with anyone. For the full scoop on how we handle your data, check out our Privacy Policy.


Oopsy-Daisy Non-Payment Moments

Life happens, and sometimes payments slip our minds. If a subscription payment falters, don't worry – we're here to help. Your account might take a snooze, but we'll send a friendly nudge to get things sorted. We're a team, and together we'll keep your subscription alive and well.


Lost in LEGO®? We've Got You!

Missing pieces? No problem! We want every 604 Brick Library adventure to be flawless. If some LEGO® pieces go on a mini vacation, we'll help you replace them. A small fee for the replacement pieces and a sprinkle of admin magic, and you'll be back on track. Keep the LEGO® love flowing!


Let's Talk About Change

We're all about exciting surprises, but when it comes to pricing and terms, we're all ears. If changes are on the horizon, we promise a 30-day heads-up. Your joy is our priority, and we want you to be thrilled every step of the way.

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